Side projects and fun things ๐Ÿคนโ€โ™‚๏ธ

With over 500+ active users, NoMailto: is my most popular Chrome extension. It blocks mailto: links from automatically opening your default email program! And then it gives you the choice to copy to clipboard or use the generally dreaded behavior โœ…

Intercom Block is yet another extension the internet shouldn't really need. I'm all for customer service, but Intercom's chat bubble is more obnoxious than helpful. So I made this extension to fix the glitch.

Horizontal scrollbars are what nightmares are made of. Not only can they elude your awareness, when they do rear their head it can be difficult to find the offending elements.

Offscreen seeks to solve this issue by allowing devs to click the extension's icon and generate output in the console to indicate if any offscreen elements exist and which ones they are. Stay safe out there! is a cool site, but their sharing widget and sign up bars are super annoying. Refined Medium removes them so you can focus on the articles.